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Landscape Services


Entire Landscapes

Your landscape can be completely transformed or just given an upgrade to create beautiful scenery and environment around your home.


Masonry, Walls, Stairs

Masonry work ranges from barbeque grills to retaining walls and stairs.


Water Features

A range of fountains, pools, ponds, cascades, waterfalls, and streams can turn any backyard into a relaxing oasis


Patios, Paving Stone

We specialize in exterior flooring such as paving stone, tile, brick or concrete. As one of our experts about your options, colors and prices.



Expert designs with highly skilled craftsmanship. We offer installation of decks and fencing, privacy screens, perigolas, gazebo or something completely unique for your yard.


Planters and Plantings

Our plant experts can recommend plants for each specific area of your landscape, wether it's shady or sunny, we'll make efficient use of space while creating an attractive layout for you to enjoy.


Landscape Design

For each landscaping project, our experts create a personalized landscaping design to show you exactly what to expect and will discuss all the details with you.

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Commercial Maintenance

  • pruning
  • cutting grass
  • edging
  • cleaning beds
  • fertilizing
  • lawn care
  • leaf removal
  • sweeping parking lot
  • sidewalk sweeping



We encourage healthy growth and flowering by pruning branches, buds, or roots.


Cutting Grass

Keeping your lawn healthy and tidy.



Accentuate your garden area and keep your landscape looking tidy.


Cleaning Flower Beds

Cleaning leaves, twigs and debris from your flower beds.



Keep your green areas healthy and your plants growing faster.


Lawn Care

Maintaining a healthy lawn includes using effective maintenance practices.


Leaf Removal

Clean up your leaves regularly to keep the health and well-being of your landscape.


Sweeping Parking Lot

Maintain your commercial parking space clean and neat.


Sidewalk Sweeping

Clean, safe and accessible sidewalks are essential to create a healthy, safe environment.

The job was done when promised and both the yard and alley were left in order. Rock Bottom has a two year warranty on their work to deal with any issues that arise, and that adds another level of comfort. We would be pleased to have potential clients view the work they did for us. -Ron Nikiforuk

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 Calgary Landscaping Services

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